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Raw Workflow Using Adobe Lightroom- Part 3

The final section of Lightroom deals with building web galleries, and is one of the most useful sections, in my opionion. Again, the main window is split into four, with the main section displaying the gallery, the left has templates and the right giving options to customise those templates. As always the filmstrip is there to let you select images if you haven't done so in the Library already.

The templates on the left consist of a series of HTML and flash galleries and for the most are pretty simple and tasteful. If you choose to modify the colours otherwise, on your head be it! If you do, the changes can be saved as preset and then used for subsequent galleries you may wish to add your website.

The right side is where you can make those, hopefully restrained changes. The top section covers the galleries and shows the basic Lightroom galleries. I've added some other gallery templates here form the web, and a web search for ‘Lightroom gallery templates' will bring up a list of templates from the Lightroom community, which you can download and install.

The Site Info box lets you add titles, email address and so on to your gallery, or you can edit this information directly in the main window by double clicking on the text within the gallery. The Colour Palette below this lets you change the colours of the background and text and so forth.

The Appearance panel allows you to add a logo, using the Identity Plate tool as well allowing you to set the image and thumbnail sizes. You can also add borders, add image numbers and drop shadows. Flash galleries are more limited in the amount of customisation you can do here, but HTML galleries have more options. One option is to allow you to change the grid layout of the thumbnails and let you adjust the amount of thumbnails displayed on the page. This is a simple drag operation. Click and drag the corner of the frame to the layout you like and the gallery will automatically refresh to match the new grid.

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