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Raw Workflow Using Adobe Lightroom- Part 3

The fourth module in Lightroom is the Print module, allowing you to select single or multiple images to print to your inkjet printer. This is a preferable option than the single print (or print package) in Photoshop as multiple images can be printed in one patch onto single sheets or, like print package, you can arrange single or multiple prints on to a an A4 at smaller sizes.

Again, the process is simple. The left side has templates for print layouts, or you can make your own and save them as a preset. The presets themselves are pretty good, including single A4 and a particular favourite of mine, the Fine Art Matt setting, which leaves a large border and a third of the paper clear below.

To the left you can begin to personalise the print. You can make your own templates to determine the number of images per sheet, or adjust margin or add borders. You can also add your own logo, using the identity plate tool in the Overlays section.

A nice feature is the ability to add print sharpening - this can vary depending on your printer, the paper you use (gloss looks sharper than matt paper for example) and the size of the print. It's worth playing around with this and getting to grips with as it can seriously improve the quality of your prints.

In the Colour Management section you can use the default ‘Managed by Printer' box or you can use any print profiles you may have made (or downloaded) and change the rendering intent depending on your choice. Hint - Perceptual is usually best. You can also set print resolution and here I found the default 240ppi usually produces good enough images, though sticklers may want to up this to 300ppi.

Once you have your images laid up on screen and ready to go, click Page Set Up, handily situated in the main screen as well as the menu, to select your printer, paper size and so on, then use print or print settings to access your printer driver. There's nothing within these dialogue boxes that are intrinsic to Lightroom, they just open your standard driver dialogue box.

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