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Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Beta Preview

Improved Tools

Some of Photoshop’s most useful tools have seen improvements in both quality and usability. The Sponge, Dodge and Burn tools, used for making spot corrections to exposure and colour saturation, have been enhanced to improve tonal quality. Changing the size of the brush on the fly has also been improved.

As well as the usual method of using the square-brackets keys ({+}) to alter the brush size in discreet steps, now holding the Alt key and the right mouse button allows the brush size to be adjusted smoothly and continuously simply by moving the mouse.

Also greatly improved is the automatic panorama stitching feature. The automatic alignment is now more accurate, exposure variations between shots and vignetting are automatically compensated, and it can now stitch 360-degree panoramas. I’ve tried this feature on some panoramic shots that had defeated previous versions, and instantly achieved near-perfect results. It really is extremely impressive.

As well as panorama stitching, CS4 includes an entirely new feature, extended depth of field. Using this feature, a series of photos of the same scene taken at different focus distances can be automatically merged into a single image with apparently much greater depth of field. This feature will be especially useful to anyone who does a lot of close-up photography.


May 11, 2013, 6:03 am

Thanks for the review.

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