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Adobe Elements Bundle

Another area which has received a welcome boost is the built-in DVD authoring. This was rather rudimentary in the first version – just preset templates where only the text could be edited. But now you can move and resize text and buttons, plus add motion menus and buttons. You’re also warned automatically if you accidentally overlap active elements. You’ll still get more control from a standalone authoring app, but functionality has now reached a level where the average home user will find that what’s built in is sufficient for their everyday needs.


DVD authoring has been greatly improved, and now offers custom button and text positioning and resizing.


Overall, Premiere Elements 2 marks Adobe’s entry-level editing software coming of age. It now feels like an application in its own right rather than a cut-down of Premiere Pro. Despite the added complexity of the interface, it’s actually easier to use than it was. This is still not the video editing tool for the complete novice, but if you’ve tried your hand with Windows Movie Maker 2 and want more power, Premiere Elements 2 delivers as much power as you’ll probably need for a very affordable price.

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