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Adobe Elements Bundle


Adobe Elements Bundle 4.0

Adobe likes bundles, particularly with its video products. The professionally oriented Digital Video Collection has been available for a few years now. If you need more than a couple of its parts, then the whole makes for excellent value. Adobe has also been trying to cast similar magic with the Elements bundle, which brings together the company’s entry-level video and photo editing packages. Now in its second incarnation, the Elements bundle saves you about £30 over buying the two component applications separately. So if you have the need for both image manipulation and video editing, buying them together could be good value.

Premiere Elements 2

When the first version of Premiere Elements arrived a year ago, a collective sigh of relief resounded around the desktop video world. Why Adobe hadn’t brought its video editing technology down to a more affordable level sooner was beyond comprehension. But while this initial iteration was unquestionably good value for the power contained within, it owed too much to Premiere Pro. It seemed like Premiere Pro with some of the features taken out, the advanced and complicated functions hidden away until needed, and a few helpful tutorials bolted on. In fact, that’s not such a bad description.


The updated interface is a bit busy, but it puts everything you need on screen at once.


With Premiere Elements 2, the software is at last starting to find its own direction. The interface has matured greatly, with all the floating windows from before now stitched together, although you can resize any element or pull it out to reposition or remove entirely. Four preset workspaces are included, but you can’t create your own custom ones. The previous Advanced effects mode has also been amalgamated with the Edit mode to create an Edit mode with everything onscreen at once. This looks quite busy, but at least you now have all the most frequently used tools available at the same time, and no longer need to switch back and forward between modes.

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