OCZ EliteXStream 800W

To finish off this group test we have the OCZ EliteXStream. Now, a few years ago OCZ famously bought out one of the most revered power supply makers, PC Power and Cooling, but rather than just use the PCPC name, OCZ has moved into production itself. Knowing how expensive and noisy PCPC products can be, we can only see this as a good thing.

The EliteXStream range, then, is the basic non-modular half of OCZ's own lineup and this model we're looking at is rated to 800W. Much like the SilverPower SP-S850, the EliteXStream comes with little in the way of extras with just a mains power cable and a couple of cable ties in the box. But again like the SilverPower, this doesn't necessarily mean we dislike the EliteXStream.

The matt black finish of the case, fan, and fan grill is to our liking as is the sheer number and length of cables and connectors on offer. Four PCI-Express cables enable up to four graphics cards to be used and there are enough SATA power connectors to keep eight hard drives going. That said, the lack of any initial cable management makes handling the lot a bit of a chore.

The fan is also decent though we did notice a little bit of bearing noise over and above the whooshing of rushing air. As it stands this isn't a major problem and we certainly wouldn't like to make too big a deal out of it as there's always a chance a slightly iffy fan could slip through the net. However, it was the only supply that we noticed with this problem.

Once we look at the performance figures, any concerns over the fan are largely dismissed because this unit did a sterling job. With a minimum efficiency of 85.2 per cent, this was the most efficient supply on test and that clean sweep of green boxes tells us the voltages never wavered outside ATX specification.


There's not much to the OCZ EliteXStream 800W. It's relatively expensive, not modular, it comes with little in the box and the cable management is minimal to non-existent. However, the impressive performance results largely make up for this, so it's worth considering.

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