SilverPower SP-S850

If the Hiper HPU-5B680 was the height of bling, the SilverPower must surely be its antithesis. Though curiously enough that's what appeals when it comes to the SP-S850's styling. The gun metal case with its simple horizontal stamped pattern along one side and horizontal air outlet slits along the back has a charm all of its own. It's simple but in a good way.

The ginormous 140mm fan gets our seal of approval as well. It's not the quietest we've heard - or not heard so to speak - but it does a good job of keeping noise at a reasonable level while ensuring the supply never gets close to being too hot. Certainly to ask for anything more when a power supply is churning through 850W would be churlish.

Like the Hiper, the SilverPower isn't modular but unlike the former there are no alternative positives to make up for this. Rather than separating the cables into sections, on the SilverPower they're all bunched up to one side. On top of this, there are simply more cables, which makes it doubly difficult to find and disentangle the one you need. Finally, all the same types of cables are the same length so if your hard drive is six inches away from your power supply you'll still have miles of excess cable to stow away.

Of course, the SilverPower is a very powerful power supply - indeed it's the most powerful on test - with enough cables to power up to four graphics cards. That said, some attempt to manage the unruly cable mess would have been useful.

In case you were wondering, there is a simple reason why I haven't mentioned the extras you get - there aren't any. You get a power cable and that's it.

Thankfully, the lack of any fancy extras hasn't affected the SP-S850's performance. It managed to stay well within ATX specified voltage limits at all load levels and consistently stayed above 84 per cent efficiency throughout. Indeed, this was the second best supply on test in terms of efficiency. When we then take into account the SP-S850's bargain price, we have a very compelling package.


If all you want from your power supply is reliability and a high-power rating then the SilverPower SP-S850 should be right up your street. It doesn't offer any of the bells and whistles of alternatives but then the price reflects this.

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