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Photoshop.com Mobile

Photoshop.com Mobile

iTunes Link: Photoshop.com Mobile

If you use the camera in your iPhone for more than just the odd snap-it-and-send-it shot, you'll need an image editing app. Adobe's Photoshop.com Mobile is a cut-down but by no means cut-rate version of its industry-leading image editing software.

Just select a photo from your picture library and crop, straighten or rotate it; adjust the exposure, saturation, tint and contrast; sharpen or soft focus; apply a series of effects; and add borders. When you're happy with it you can save it back in your library, upload it to PhotoshopMobile.com (the app makes it easy to set up a free account if you don't have one), or upload it to Facebook or TwitPic.

We particularly liked the cropping tool, which was very easy to use, even with our less-than-nimble fingers. Plus, the ease with which you can upload pics to Facebook or TwitPic make it a must for serious social networkers.

What with the ongoing war of words between Adobe and Apple, we think you should download this very useful app while you can. You never know when it might disappear from the App Store.


The Photoshop.com Mobile app makes editing, enhancing and sharing your photos a snap. We'd be willing to pay for such a useful tool and recommend it to anyone who wants better photos from your iPhone.

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