iTunes Link: Planets

Have you ever looked up at the evening sky just after sunset, seen a brilliant star shining above the horizon and wondered what it was? If you answered yes, then the Planets app is for you.

Planets uses the iPhone's location services and clock to provide both two- and three-dimensional views of the night sky as it would appear wherever you happen to be at that particular moment. Rotate the 3D view with your finger to locate and identify stars, planets and constellations that should be visible overhead - on a clear night, of course.

And if it's not a clear night? You can still have fun with Planets' X-Ray, Infrared, Microwave, Hydrogen and Radio Wave views, which would surely impress even the gang from the Big Bang Theory.


Whether you're an amateur astronomer or just someone who likes to sit in the garden and look up at the heavens, you'll find the free Planets app both fun and informative.

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