TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

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TuneIn Radio is so rich in features it is hard to know where to begin. Browse for a particular station by location or use the RadioTime guide to find a specific programme. Bookmark your favourites and you're away.

Once you have started listening to a station, TuneIn Radio functions much live a DVR, allowing you to pause live programmes, or rewind if you missed something. You can even record whole programmes and listen to them later.

This gem of an app also includes sleep timer, recording timer and alarm clock functions, and even a web browser. Best of all it allows you to play MP3 and AAC streams in the background using Safari, allowing you to listen to your favourite station while using other apps on your iPhone.

We found the sound quality to be uniformly excellent and the interface a pleasure to use. If you've been using other radio apps on you iPhone or iPod touch, we urge you to delete them and install TuneIn Radio. We guarantee you'll thank us.


TuneIn Radio is worth the £1.19 price just to be able to listen to BBC digital stations on the go. Throw in the thousands of other stations from around the world and it's an absolute steal.

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