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7 Of The Best iPhone Apps


iTunes Link: Dropbox

Do you find yourself constantly emailing important files to yourself, or copying them on to a USB stick? Or worse, forgetting to do this? Then you'll want to check out Dropbox.

The Dropbox app gives you mobile access to Dropbox's popular cloud storage system. If you aren't already a Dropbox user, the app makes it easy to set up a free account with 2GB of storage. Then once you install the free Dropbox software on your home and/or work computers, it's simply a matter of dropping a file (photos, videos, spreadsheets, documents) into your Dropbox.

We were impressed with the upload and syncing speeds. We put a file into our computer's Dropbox and it instantly appeared on the iPhone. We also appreciated the simplicity of the interface. All files and folders are visible and easy to navigate through.

While you can't actually edit files on your iPhone, it's easy to email a link to them to other people from the app. However, you can take photos and videos on your iPhone and upload them straight to your Dropbox.


We think Dropbox is a very useful little app that makes it easy to access your files on the go. While the free 2GB is great, we're not so sure about the pricing for additional storage, which seems quite steep (50GB - $9.99/month; 100GB - $19.99/month). But as long as you're not moving massive files and photos and leaving them in your Dropbox, the two gigs should be more than enough to make this worthwhile.

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