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3D TV: Final Thoughts

So that’s my week of 3D over. Now I’ve got to decide what I made of it!

It was certainly interesting, that’s for sure. This in itself is a good thing, as I’d half expected to find myself treating the whole 3D experience with a sense of indifference.

But it wasn’t always interesting for the right reasons. After all, a frustrating chunk of my time was spent trying to avoid and explain some occasionally severe ghosting problems, before being forced to conclude that I won’t be able to fully understand it until I’ve seen more 3D sources and equipment.

Despite this, however, rather to my surprise there were occasions when 3D became much more than just a gimmick, and actually added significantly to what I was watching.

The least effective material for me was the Blu-ray movie - oddly enough, considering that it’s the cinema that appears to be the main driver of 3D at the moment. I honestly felt that I’d rather have watched Monsters Vs Aliens in pristine 2D HD than frequently blurry 3D.

With sport on Sky’s 3D channel, though, 3D’s ability to improve your understanding of seemingly any sport you’re watching means that I will likely choose to watch 3D versions of key sporting events ahead of mere Full HD ones, when the choice is available.

Finally, while Avatar proves that games programmers need to be very careful with their 3D techniques, I also saw enough while playing even this rather dull game to suspect that it might ultimately be the gaming world that benefits most from 3D’s seemingly inevitable rise.

On balance then, while it may not be what many readers and even a few of TrustedReviews’ own staff wanted/expected to hear, I for one have gone from arch 3D sceptic to now cautiously looking forward to the first 'proper' 3D hardware arriving. For while it’s certainly possible to make a real headache-inducing dog’s dinner of 3D, I’ve now seen enough to believe that when done thoughtfully, 3D content can be not only spectacular, but also unexpectedly informative.

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