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3D Blu-ray Players Round-up

So you’ve splashed out on a 3D-ready TV, but your home cinema world will remain flat if you don’t invest in a decent 3D source to feed into it. Thankfully there are a growing number of Blu-ray players on the market that can deliver top-drawer Full HD 3D pictures, and with several of these players costing under £200 you don’t need to be super rich to get your hands on one.

These decks aren’t just about 3D pictures though – most are bursting with other cutting-edge features designed to keep boredom at bay, and of course they’ll play your 2D Blu-ray and DVD collections too. With Christmas fast approaching we thought we’d round up the top models on the market in various price brackets and highlight their pros and cons.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade from your existing player to get 3D or jump straight in at the deep end with your first Blu-ray deck, there’s something for everyone – just make sure you have enough glasses to go round...

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