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30 iPhone Tips and Tricks (26-30)

Tip 26 - Zooming out in Maps

The Maps application lets you repeatedly zoom in by double tapping on an area of the screen. That's pretty intuitive and well known. What's not common knowledge is that you can also repeatedly zoom out but tapping once on the same area of the screen using two fingers held slightly apart.

Tip 27 - More multifunction keys

With the UK keyboard enabled, getting at the dollar sign is a two tap process: you have to tap once on the number key and then tap again on the symbol key. A faster way to access the dollar symbol is to tap once on the number key and then tap and hold on the pound symbol. Extra symbols including the dollar, euro and yen will appear above it. Also, if you tap and hold the .com button when entering web addresses, other top level domains like .net, .co.uk and .org will appear above it.

Tip 28 - Avoid camera shake

The iPhone's camera isn't the best, to put it mildly. It takes relatively low res shots and it's easy to end up with blurry ones too. In fact, tapping the camera button is often enough to cause the iPhone to shake and introduce camera blur. Instead of just tapping the button once, it's better to press and hold it down before framing your shot. The iPhone won't actually take a picture until you let go of the button and this often leads to less camera shake and cleaner, more in focus shots.

Tip 29 - Teaching the iPhone bad manners

Are you fed up of the iPhone trying to Disney-fy your swear words. Some iPhones seem to have no problems adding swear words to their dictionary (just type the swear word and then tap the x next to the suggested word to get the iPhone to learn it), but others seem to refuse to learn how to cuss. A work around is to add swear words to your contacts book and suddenly your iPhone will be swearing like a sailor.

Tip 30 - Swipe to delete

The best known way of deleting messages in your inbox is to tap the edit button and then select the messages that you want to get rid of. However, a faster way is to swipe your finger left or right over a message and then tapping the delete button that appears next to it.

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