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iPhone Tips and Tricks (11-15)

Tip 11 - Save battery power

The iPhone doesn't really do multitasking, so it never has a pile of apps running in the background and draining battery power. However, pressing the standby button at the top of the phone doesn't really put it into standby mode, it merely turns off the display. If you have an app running and press this button it will continue to run and drain power. This is why it's better to hit the Home button to close any open apps before pressing the standby button.

Tip 12 - Full stop

When typing out most emails or notes, there's no need to use the full stop button at all on the iPhone's soft keyboard. This is because the phone's intelligent predictive text can fill it in for you. When you get to the end of a sentence simply double tap the space bar and the predictive text engine will automatically enter a full stop followed by a space.

Tip 13 - Stop automatic syncing

Stopping your iPhone from automatically syncing with your computer is pretty straightforward. First, connect your iPhone to your computer, then in iTunes select the iPhone in the side bar and click the Summary tab. Now just deselect the 'Automatically Sync When this iPhone is Connected' option. You can also stop the iPhone from syncing just once. To do this press and hold Shift+Control on a PC or Command+Option on a Mac as you connect your iPhone to your computer and keep them held down until the iPhone appears in the side bar.

Tip 14 - Web clips

You can add icons to your home screen to give you quick access to your favourite websites - a feature that Apple calls Webclips. Just visit the site in the Safari browser, tap the bookmark button and then select Add to Home Screen. The iPhone will automatically generate an icon for the page based on the site's graphics.

Tip 15 - Moving between Homescreen pages

OK, everyone knows that you can move between pages of apps on your phone by swiping your finger left and right. However, what some might not know is that you can also quickly move between pages by tapping to the right or left of the little white dots that indicate how many screens of apps are on the phone. Plus, when you want to the return to the first screen just press the Home button.

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