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iPhone Tips and Tricks (6-10)

Tip 6 - Where's the Caps Lock key?

You've probably noticed that the iPhone soft keyboard doesn't have a Caps Lock key. However, there is a way of enabling Caps Lock. All you have to do is double-tap on the Shift key. If you've doubled-tapped fast enough it'll turn blue to show that Caps Lock is now on. For this to work, though, you have to have the Caps Lock function enabled. Go to Settings, select General and then turn on the ‘Enable Caps Lock' button.

Tip 7 - Longer Autolock

Fed up of the iPhone's autolock kicking in too soon? No problem, it's easy to change how long the iPhone waits before going into standby mode. Just go to Settings, select General and tap Autolock. You can set the autolock delay to any duration up to 5 minutes, or alternatively turn it off completely. Be careful, however, as a long autolock setting can cause you phone's battery life to suffer.

Tip 8 - Home Button double-tap

By default, double-tapping the home button just takes you to the home screen - the same function as tapping it once. However, you can set up a double-tap to act as a shortcut to either the iPod screen or your Phone Favourites. Just go to Settings, select General, choose Home button and highlight the function you want.

Tip 9 - Home Button iPod controls

The home button double-tap trick can also be used for another function. You can set it up so that if you double-tap the button while a song is playing in the background or while the phone is in standby, it will bring up a mini iPod control bar on the screen. All you have to do is Turn on the 'iPod Controls' function in the Home Button settings screen. At all other times double-tapping the home button will take you to the main iPod screen or your Phone Favourites, which ever you have set up in Tip 8.

Tip 10 - Unfreeze your phone

Contrary to what some Apple enthusiasts would have you believe, Apple's products do crash and do suffer from lock ups. The first time your phone completely locks up it's easy to think that it's dead as it will refuse to turn on. The secret is knowing how to force it into a reset, but luckily this is a pretty simple operation. Just hold down both the standby button at the top of the phone and the home button until the screen lights up and shows the Apple logo. This can take quite a while (at least 10 seconds), so don't be tempted to let go too soon thinking that the process is not working.

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