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Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company

Why get excited?

The much-loved online action game goes single-player. We're not just talking bots or simple objectives, but a fully fleshed-out solo campaign with a proper storyline - think dodgy doings behind enemy lines a la Three Kings - and properly designed and scripted levels. However, the sandbox mentality at the heart of Battlefield remains, with a new focus on hugely destructible environments and highly adaptive AI making each level alive with violent possibility. Why go around that wall when you can just blast through it? When your enemies run for cover, why not simply remove it? Other games - notably NetDevil's PhysX powered Warmonger - are working along similar lines, but Bad Company looks like a cracker.

Curb your enthusiasm?

DICE knows how to build large-scale online action games, but does it know how to pace and build tension in a single player game? As Bad Company will inevitably be compared to the mighty Call of Duty 4, the developer has its work cut out for it.

ETA: Early 2008

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