So, we come to the end of yet another round of DVD writer testing, and as usual we’ve got a group of drives where none of them are really bad, but a couple are just that bit better.

In the last group test AOpen managed to grab a Recommended award with a drive that produced decent performance at a bargain price. This time around AOpen has once again managed to hit a stunning price point, but the DUW1608A is also the slowest drive on test by some margin. So this time, AOpen won’t be going home with an award, but if you are on a very tight budget, the DUW1608A is worth a close look.

We looked at the NEC ND-3500A back in September and gave it an Editor’s Choice award since it was the fastest DVD writer we’d ever seen. Now it’s December and the competition has had a lot of time to catch up, but the NEC is still far and away the fastest drive on test. The retail box may be a little more expensive than some of the other drives seen here, but the ND-3500A is worth every penny and once again grabs an Editor’s Choice award.

With a similar sense of déjà vu, we see an LG drive on the winners’ podium once more. The GSA-4160B may be the second most expensive drive on test, but it’s also the second fastest overall. Add to this the fact that it’s the only unit on test that can write to every DVD format including DVD-RAM, and a Recommended award is well deserved.

Finally, we’d like to thank Verbatim for supplying all the blank media used while performing this group test. For more information on Verbatim and its full range of products click here.

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