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16x DVD Writer Group Test

It’s that time again - DVD writers have jumped up to the next level of performance and it’s time to see which manufacturer has the fastest DVD drive on the block.

All these DVD writers will burn to DVD+R media at 16x and some of them will even write at 16x to DVD-R discs as well. Unfortunately there’s no 16x DVD-R media available yet, so we couldn’t really test that part of the feature set, although a couple of the drives were able to write at 12x to 8x DVD-R media.

As always with our DVD writer group reviews, it took a massive amount of time and effort to test all the drives, and we went through loads of media in the process. All the media used is high-quality Verbatim branded stock, so the differentials in the tests should be down to the drives and not the quality of the blank discs.

All the drives on test are also Dual Layer compatible, so you’ll be able to burn to 8.5GB discs if you can afford them. However, despite the fact that Dual Layer burners have been around for a while, only one of the drives was able to write to Dual Layer media at 4x instead of the excruciatingly slow 2.4x standard.

So, if you’re thinking of asking Santa for a new DVD writer this Christmas, read on to find out which one makes the best stocking filler.

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