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Essential Features For The Apple iPad 2: 11-15

11. Offer more and better books

This one's easy. Apple's iBooks application is awesome, but the iBookstore library is nothing like. If people are to make it their one-stop-shop for all things literary, it needs to be far more comprehensive, especially with Amazon's Kindle app in competition. A selection of free out-of-copyright titles wouldn't go amiss.

12. Add a Front-facing camera

Some would argue that the iPad needs two cameras, but at the very least a front-facing camera would make video conferencing and video chat possible - a feature that would benefit both consumers and business users.

Is this really the best interface Apple can come up with?

13. Provide a more useful desktop interface

One of the biggest disappointments about the iPad is the inefficiency of its interface. Fine, a grid of applications is simple, but with all that real-estate it ought to be possible to create a home screen that conveys useful information at a glance. If HTC can manage it on a mobile phone, Apple can do it on the iPad and much better, too.

14. Use a non-reflective screen

Barely weeks into the iPad being on sale and already there are "anti-glare" kits for it. For a device meant primarily for reading books and magazines on the move, the iPad's reflective screen is at best a significant inconvenience and at worst a deal-breaker. We're not sure how Apple might solve this problem and retain the iPad's current look, but something needs to be done.

15. Enable printing

Among the various issues befalling the iWork apps on the iPad, the most fundamental is you can't print from the device. It's a perfectly understandable failing as it's no simple thing to pull-off (although Google is working on it), but were it there it would make the iPad a far more convincing productivity tool.


Those are our thoughts for improving the iPad, but we're betting you have a few ideas of your own. Why not prove us right in the comments?

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