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Essential Features For The Apple iPad 2: 6-10

6. Build in an SD Card reader

What's that? There's an accessory for that? Oh, no doubt there is, but there shouldn't need to be one. An SD or a microSD card slot wouldn't upset the finely crafted aesthetic greatly and would make the iPad a lot more practical.

Really? There's no space for a memory card reader?

7. Allow multitasking

As this is already on the roadmap we won't go on too long, but it should be there to start with. There's no good excuse for it, other than the expedience of releasing the iPad sooner rather than later. Here's a teaser for you, however: if the iPad is "just a big iPod touch", will Apple charge for the OS update like it does on the iPod touch?

8. Go widescreen

As noted in our podcast on numerous occasions, the screen on the iPad is a triumph. It is, however, a triumph with one significant weakness: it's the wrong shape! Okay, so this is something of a subjective argument, but considering the iPad's prowess in playing videos, its lack of a widescreen (16:9) aspect screen is galling. Apple would no doubt counter by pointing out that the screen is perfect for books and digital magazines, but we’d wager the former would suffer little for the change and the latter could adapt quite easily.

A 4:3 screen might be great for books, but videos suffer.

9. Provide a proper digital video output

Despite being able to play 720p video on the iPad, Apple has crippled the video output of the device – only accessible via a separate dock anyway – by only supporting up to 576p. Something must be done. Whether it is a video output on the device, or a better quality one on the dock, if it can play HD it ought to play it on a TV as well.

10. Support 1080p video playback

Going hand-in-hand with the ability to output HD video to your TV is that to play Full HD, 1080p video as well. We know it's possible, Nvidia's Tegra chipset manages it, and so it's just a case of Apple showing the will for it to happen. We're not holding our breaths on it, though.

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