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15 Best Office 2010 Features: 10-12

10. Video Presentations in PowerPoint

Yet another neat feature of PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to convert your presentation into a video. This is great if you want to, for example, upload a presentation to YouTube et al and record a voiceover for it. It’s another way to share presentations (and therefore ideas) very quickly and with the maximum of accessibility, though we’re not sure if YouTube really needs PowerPoint presentations!


11. Calendar Preview in Outlook

If you’re anything like us, your inbox regularly gets bombarded with meeting requests. This normally necessitates a trip to your calendar to see if they clash with other events, or whether you’re simply too busy to attend. In Outlook 2010, however, Calendar Preview overlays a sample of your calendar around the time of your proposed meeting so you can see how it fits without leaving the email: problem solved.


12. People Pane in Outlook

While the Conversation View first seen in the Technical Preview and Beta and now quietly deactivated (it can be turned back on) is a hit and miss affair, Outlook’s People Pane is rather more useful. It appears below emails, and shows you all your interactions with that person: emails, attachments, RSS feeds, status updates (more on in a moment), scheduled meetings – the lot. It can also feature a nice picture if you so choose, but it’s a simple way of tracing your relationships with people and hunting down old related emails/attachments.

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