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15 Best Office 2010 Features: 7-9

7. Send as PDF in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher

Okay, so this was enabled in Office 2007 via a downloadable add-in, but this time it’s included across the board from the start and is bound to be a small mercy for anyone who regularly sends documents out to numerous recipients. PDF might not be everyone’s favourite file format, but it’s useful for a reason and it’s a great addition to Office 2010.


8. Slicers in Excel

Of the two major new features of Excel, Sparklines and Slicers, the latter is our favourite. It’ll probably be the preserve of the more advanced users due to its connection to PivotTables and PivotCharts, but they’re incredibly easy to use and very powerful. Basically Slicers act like interactive filters, taking data from a PivotTable/Chart and quickly drilling down to small details. Add a little style and they’re perfect for making presentations and demonstrating important points visually.


9. Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint

There are numerous complicated online conferencing services, but if you just want to make a presentation over Skype or phone, PowerPoint’s Broadcast Slideshow feature will make you very happy. With this feature you simply create a link, send it your recipient(s) and they’ll then see a synchronised version of your presentation. Its only weakness is that, unless you have a second screen, you can’t view your notes at the same time as presenting. Nonetheless, it’s a neat time saving feature that will make remote presenting a lot easier.

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