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15 Best Office 2010 Features: 4-6

4. In-Application Photo Editing in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher

Much like the Screenshot Capture feature found in Word, the ability to edit and manipulate images from within any given application saves a lot of messing around with third party applications. Your options are surprisingly numerous, too, including the ability to make corrections (sharpen, soften and contrast), adjust colour (saturation, tone etc.), remove backgrounds, add artistic effects, crop, apply picture styles and plenty more besides.You get fast live previews of all these effects, too, making it easy to quickly integrate images into any document, presentation and so forth.


5. Embedded Videos in PowerPoint

With video increasingly the medium of choice for demonstrating anything, it’s great to see it implemented in PowerPoint. Here you can embed both locally stored videos, which can be manipulated using many of the photo editing tools, as well as embed videos from online services such as YouTube and Vimeo. With locally stored videos you can even edit what part of a video you actually use, discarding what you don’t need.


6. Drag & Drop Navigation Pane in Word

If you work with particularly large documents, such as manuals or thesis’, Word’s new Drag & Drop Navigation Pane will be a welcome relief. Provided you use the Styles dialog to create headings and sub-headings, these will appear in the Navigation Pane, from which you can navigate between and move around entire sections of your document in an instant through the universal medium of dragging and dropping. Also incorporated is a much more powerful search tool, which spits out results just like a web search engine and just as fast – faster in fact.

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