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15 Best Office 2010 Features: 1-3

Andy Vandervell


15 Best Office 2010 Features

Today, Microsoft Office 2010 goes on sale. Every new version of Office brings with it a raft of new features, so many that it’s difficult to keep track of what’s new and what’s not. Therefore, before you delve into our Microsoft Office 2010 full review, here are 15 reasons why Office 2010 might be worth considering, even if you currently use one of our current 5 Best Free Office 2010 Alternatives. In no particularly order, we start with…


1. Backstage View in All Applications

Backstage View permeates the entirety of Office 2010, replacing the File tab from Office 2003 and earlier and the Office Button – itself a reworking of the File tab – from Office 2007.

It brings together many common functions that exist between applications, particularly printing options. In Backstage View you can now change print settings, page settings and preview the impact of your changes all within one screen. This is also where you control where you save your documents, allowing you to save not only to local folders but also to SharePoint servers or the Windows Live SkyDrive; as well as where you can view all the statistics concerning your document.

It’s the streamlined printing screen that will seduce most users, though, and it alone makes Backstage View a resounding success.


2. Paste Preview in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher

Paste Preview gives you a live preview of how pasting material from external sources will impact your document. Ultimately this means you needn’t swear inwardly as text pasted from websites ruins the formatting in your document, as you can retain the formatting of your destination without a great deal of fuss. It’s also very handy in Excel, where you can control how data behaves when it is pasted from different cells.


3. Screenshot Capturing

How often do you do this?

Print Screen > open image editor > paste into image editor > crop > save > open word processor > insert picture > select image > insert > re-size

Chances are quite often, but even if it’s only occasionally, all this just to insert a capture or snippet of your screen is a pain in the royal behind. Enter the Screenshot Capture feature, which will quickly insert a copy of any active window, or allow you to capture a snippet of your desktop just like you would using Windows’ Snipping Tool.

It’s a small thing, but a great thing.

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