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100th Video Review Competition


100th Video Review Competition

Just six months ago TrustedReviews made its biggest outward change since the title launched at the end of 2003. Namely, it added video reviews. No longer was it stuck in the land of the still, now we could bring you our own unique brand of comprehensive, informative, and independent reviews in full, glorious motion pictures.

Since the first video went up on 5th September 2008, time has flown by and we suddenly find ourselves bringing you our 100th video review. A feat we certainly didn't expect to come rocketing towards us quite so quickly. Nevertheless, 100 is such a nice round number we thought it thoroughly appropriate to celebrate and, as your continued enthusiasm for the content we've produced has been such a large motivating factor, we thought we'd bring you in on the fun as well. So we've put together a little competition for you.

We've contacted a few of the companies whose products have proven to be among the most popular in our video review section and they've duly provided us with some stonkingly good prizes.


Without doubt, the runaway hit of the netbook phenomenon that exploded last year was the award winning Samsung NC10. In a rapidly expanding field of competition Samsung's entry nosed ahead when it launched back in November and it has remained steadfastly at the front ever since. So it's with great delight we can announce that the first name drawn out of our virtual hat will be receiving one of these portable gems, worth the best part of £300.

Second prize will be another of our 2008 award winners, this time our pick of the best DAB radios, the Pure Evoke Flow. As well as being an attractive and easy to use DAB radio, the Evoke Flow also gives you access to the innumerable wealth of Internet radio stations through its Wi-Fi connection. You can also tune into podcasts, stream your music collection to it, and even add on the optional battery pack to give you up to 24 hours of portable listening.

Our third and final prize winner will receive possibly our favourite product of the year, though we reviewed it too late to include in our annual awards. The Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player is a small black box that hooks up to your TV, you can then plug USB storage devices into it and use it to play all your multimedia files. It can play just about any format you can think of, includes a neat remote, and has quick and easy to use menus. Quite simply, if you have a large multimedia collection and don't have a media centre PC, you need one of these.


To be in with a chance of winning one of these great prizes we'd like you to go back and watch the three videos mentioned above and find out the answer to each of these questions:

1. What does Andy consider only a 'token effort' on the Samsung NC10?

2. What is the second atmospheric sound played in the Pure Evoke Flow review?

3. What movie trailer is shown on the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player?



This competition will close on March 23rd 2009.

Any Questions?

If you're not sure of something just let us know in the comments section.

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