iTunes link: Instapaper – Free

Most of us have experienced times when we want to be able to save part or all of a webpage or web article to read later when we’re out of range of a mobile signal. For example, you might want to collect a load of articles to read while you’re on a plane journey, or when you’re in a foreign country and don’t want to rack up excessive data roaming charges by repeatedly accessing the same content.

This is where Instapaper comes in. You download the app and once you’ve created a new account it adds a bookmark to mobile Safari. When you want to capture a page to read later you just open it in Safari and then select the Instapaper bookmark to save it. You then return to the app and when you sync it with the Instapaper service it will save your articles to the phone so you can read them later.


Someday Apple will hopefully integrate this type of offline web clipping service into mobile Safari, but until then this app is your best option for reading web content offline.

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