Awesome Note

Awesome Note

iTunes link: Awesome Note – £2.39

Awesome Note has been one of the most popular organisers on the iPhone for quite some time and once you run up the app it’s easy to see why. The interface is not only intuitively laid out, but also looks gorgeous thanks to its liberal use of colourful icons and graphics.

Notes are organised into different folders such as Work, Shopping and To-Do lists, but you can also easily add extra folders for specific tasks if you like. There are also some neat touches like the ability to lock the screen orientation, which will come in handy for those not using iOS 4, as well as support for syncing with Google Docs and Evernote, although the syncing process isn’t as fully featured as it could be.


Awesome Note is quite a simple app, but what it does, it does well and with considerable graphical flare.

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