Company: HulloMail Ltd

Price: Free

If you’ve previously been an iPhone user one of the things you may miss on Android is the lack of visual voice mail. However, HulloMail offers similar functionality for free.

Basically, if you set up a HulloMail account you can specify that unanswered calls get diverted to the HulloMail servers. These servers then record the voicemail as an MP3 file and forward it on to your phone via email or direct to the HulloMail app.

The service is essentially free, although your operator may charge you for the duration of the forwarded call. However, for most people this will simply come out of their monthly call minute allowance and as many operators charge for picking up voicemails it may be cheaper than using the operator's normal voicemail service.


HulloMail brings visual voicemail functionality to Android handsets for free.

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