Company: TripIt Inc.

Price: Free

Trips to airports can often feel like a prolonged anxiety attack as you constantly check your pockets to make sure you still have your ticket details, passport and other travel documents. TripIt is a great little app that makes travelling just that bit easier by automatically creating a travel itinerary for your trips.

Creating a new itinerary is as easy as setting up a free TripIt account and then forwarding your flight confirmation email to the TripIt email address. The software then automatically sets up a new itinerary with your flight times, booking reference numbers, weather forecast for duration of the trip and maps of the location you’re travelling to.

You can even check your flight status using the app. So no matter whether you’re a frequent traveller or just someone who makes the occasional journey abroad, TripIt is worth having on your phone.


TripIt is a great way to gather your travel essentials together in one place.

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