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Price: Free

As you would expect, the Android marketplace is stuffed full of apps that can be used to download and play podcasts. However, the quality varies quite alarmingly between them. Google Listen is a product of Google Labs where beardies are given the time to mess around and come up with some interesting apps.

While the software is still a work in progress, its easy to use interface and neat array of features make it definitely one of the better podcast apps out there. Subscribing to new podcasts that you come across on the web is easy with Listen because it automatically syncs with new entries placed in your Google Bookmarks account. As a result, to add a new feed all you have to do is subscribe to it using your desktop web browser and it’ll automatically pop up in Google Listen next time you use it on your phone.

Listen also makes it easy to manage the way podcasts are downloaded as you can choose Wi-Fi only, or allow it to use both Wi-Fi and 3G. You can also dictate how much space it’s allowed to use for podcasts on your memory card.


It may still be a work in progress, but Google Listen is already one of the best podcast apps on Android - try it now with a TrustedReviews podcast!


August 19, 2014, 5:30 pm

I did not load this app because it wants access to things that should be none of its business. eg,Device and App History,Contacts and Caledar,Photo and media files, Wi fi connection info. If someone can explain why it needs this access I might reconsider.

Alan Smith

April 7, 2016, 10:13 pm

What annoys me is this websites tactic of creating more hits by spreading out a short article over many pages to generate more hits- shameful. At the very least give the option to see all of the bits on a single page.

Kathleen Heath

September 13, 2016, 3:40 pm

All apps want personal information, that's just the way it is these days. Marketing tools I guess and hopefully not snooping.

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