Mobilizy - Wikitude

Price: Free

There may be an increasing number of augmented reality applications around right now, including the much hyped Layar, but most of them feel like beta versions and aren’t all that useful. Wikitude may also be less than a fully polished product, but unlike many of the other options it is actually worth using.

Like other augmented reality browsers the software overlays information on a live camera view of the real world. As you pan around you’ll see icons for different types of information that you can tap on to open and read. It’s a bit like having a virtual tour guide to hand.

Wikitude draws its information from a range of sources including Wikipedia, Twitter, Gowalla, YellowMap and However, you can easily select which sources you’d like to use and which you’d prefer to ignore. Along with the main information sources, there are some more specialised ones such as the Irish Pubs Worldwide database, should you be feeling a little bit thirsty. Naturally there’s a search option, as well as the ability to bookmark landmarks and locations.


The cam view can be a little bit sluggish on slower devices, but Wikitude is still a useful resource to have on your phone.

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