Evernote Corporation - Evernote

Price: Free

Evernote elevates note-taking to another level. It offers up a whole load of advanced features, but wraps them up in an easy to use interface. You can use it to quickly take voice, text and image notes that the software will then index so you can easily search through them later.

In fact, one of the application’s neatest features is that when you take a picture it uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to record the text within the image. As a result, you can use your phone’s camera to capture business cards or even notes from meetings and perform text searches on them later.

You can also group text, picture and audio files into different notebooks and as all data is automatically uploaded from your phone to the Evernote site you can access them from a desktop computer as well as your phone.


The Android version isn’t quite as polished as the iPhone one, but Evernote’s approach to note-taking and management still makes it a must have..

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