Barcode Scanner

ZXing Team - Barcode Scanner

Price: Free

It’s not often you come across an app that’s not just free, but can also save you money. However, this is exactly what Barcode Scanner is all about. The concept is simple: the app fires up your phone’s camera and highlights a rectangle in the centre of the screen where you frame up the barcode you want to scan. Once everything is aligned the app will grab the barcode information.

It then presents you with three buttons for Product Search, Web Search and Google Shopper that you can use to find the lowest price of the item on the web. It’s ideal when you’re out shopping, but don’t want to pay over the odds for a movie, game or CD (remember those!).

But as well as normal 2D barcodes you find printed on the back of products, the app can also read QR Codes that can be used to store contact information, phone numbers and URLs saving you the hassle of having to manually type them in (perhaps TrustedReviews business cards should be 'QR Code-enabled'..?).


Barcode Scanner is one of the must have apps for your Android handset.

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