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Anthem Music Videos

Anthem Music Videos

iTunes link: Anthem Music Videos – Free

Anthem Music Videos can be thought of as a Last.fm for music videos. In fact, the application is powered by Last.fm’s music-matching engine. The difference, however, is that when you ask Anthem to create a playlist for you, it creates a playlist of videos rather than simple audio tracks.

The software actually pulls the videos from YouTube, so sometimes it’ll include interviews with the bands in the results, rather than straight music videos, but this doesn’t happen all that often. The software is very straightforward to use as you simply create a 'channel' by entering the name of a band.

These channels are then grouped together as a list on the main homescreen and every time you tap on them Anthem will create a new list of videos for you. This simplicity is part of its beauty and, just like Last.fm, the application is a great way to discover new bands and songs that you haven’t heard before.


Anthem is a pretty simple application with a basic interface, but it’s a great way to find top-notch music videos.

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