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DigiDrummer Lite

DigiDrummer Lite

iTunes link: DigiDrummer Lite – Free

Do you spend way too much time drumming on your desk with your fingers? If so, we think you’ll find that Digidrummer Lite is certainly worth a download. It’s basically a mini drum machine for your iPhone that lets you tap on the screen to bash out drum rhythms.

There are lots of these types of apps available, but most of the free ones only provide you with a single set of drum sounds, while Digidrummer has three different kits – a classic rock kit, an electronic kit and one that produces bongo sounds. Furthermore, unlike most of its free competitors, it also lets you record the drum patterns that you create so you can play them back as a loop.


DigiDrummer Lite is a great little app for those who can't resist the urge to tap out a few rhythms using their fingers.

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