iTunes link: Shazam – Free

Heard a song on the radio, but don’t know what the track is called or who the artist is? Shazam can identify the artist’s name, track title and album name just by recording a snippet of the song using the iPhone’s microphone. You just hold your iPhone near to a speaker while the song is playing on the radio, in a coffee shop or bar and Shazam will capture a noise print of it that it then uses to search its database for matching tracks.

Not only does it generally return very accurate information on the song name, but it also shows you album art, artist bios and even YouTube videos linked to the song. Naturally, it also provides a link to iTunes where you can purchase the track. However, the free version is limited to five track identifications per month, it works best in quieter environments and its database is focused more on mainstream artists.


Shazam provides a handy way to track down songs you like, but can’t find out the name of. Its database could be broader, but it’s fast and works well with mainstream artists.

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