iTunes link: SoundHound – Free

Like Shazam, SoundHound (which was previously known as Midomi) provides you with an easy way to track down a song that you’ve heard, but don’t yet know the name of. However, the difference is that as well as being able to work out the song title from recording the actually track, you can also just hum the tune into it. What’s more, it also provides 30-second previews of the tracks that it finds.

The app now includes Say Search where you can just speak the name of an artist or song into your phone to find the track online and it also integrates with the iPod application on your iPhone so you can play back your iPod library through SoundHound. It’ll even find the lyrics for the songs you play and display them over the album art. The free version allows you to perform five free music identification searches per month, but there’s also a paid-for version that removes this limit.


SoundHound is a great app not just for finding the names of tracks, but also for finding specific versions of a song or tracking down lyrics.

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