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Tunin.FM iCar Radio Lite

Tunin.FM iCar Radio Lite

iTunes link: Tunin.FM iCar Radio Lite – Free

One feature that the iPhone is missing that’s found on many other smartphones is an FM tuner. However, as most radio stations also have an Internet feed you can generally listen to them online. Basically, iCarRadio Lite turns your iPhone into a digital radio by giving you quick and easy access to a massive database of online stations.

You can either search through them by genre (dance, classical, country etc.) or simply use the All Stations screen to perform a search for a specific station that you want to listen to. The software also gives you a choice of different quality streams when they’re available, and it’s the straightforward nature of this app’s interface that makes it such a good option for radio lovers.


Tunin.FM iCar Radio Lite’s large database of stations and easy interface mean it's well worth a download.

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