90 in 1: Appzilla!

90 in 1: Appzilla!

iTunes link: 90 in 1: Appzilla! - £0.59

As its name suggests, this app offers 90 different mini apps for the paltry sum of 59p. Open up Appzilla and you’re presented with icons for all the apps laid out across a number of scrollable screens - pretty much like the normal iPhone homescreen.

With this number of apps included, the quality varies a lot between them and with some of them you can find similar apps available for free in the app store. However, there are still many here that are worth having and in general the usability of each of the apps is quite good, even though the presentation can be a bit crude at times. Among the apps included you’ll find a flashlight, currency converter, spirit level, spell checker and more.


Not all the apps are massively useful, but there are enough good ones here to justify the low 59p asking price.

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