Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

iTunes link: Cut the Rope - £0.59

The iPhone isn’t exactly short on puzzlers, but there’s always room for one that’s truly excellent and Cut the Rope fits the bill. The premise behind the game is simple. You open a package to find a monster called Om Nom that’s rather fond of sweets. Luckily, on each level there’s a sweet and it’s your job to guide it into Om Nom’s gob.

You can’t directly interact with the candy. Instead, there are ropes on each level that you have to cut to guide the sweet towards the monster. As you would expect, the puzzles get substantially more difficult as you go along, but the gameplay remains superbly well balanced and the graphics and in-game physics work a treat.


The superbly addictive gameplay, cute graphics and impressively accurate physics make Cut the Rope one of the best puzzle games on the iPhone at the moment.

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