iTunes link: iFitness - £1.19 (no longer available).

If your New Year’s resolution was to get back in shape, but you’re currently lacking a bit of inspiration in your fitness regime, then it’s worth giving iFitness a go. It offers a comprehensive exercise database with clear and easy to follow instructions, pictures and videos.

Currently there are over 300 exercises listed in its database, which will give you plenty of opportunity to vary your exercises programme and save you from becoming bored. You start by choosing the muscle groups that you want to target and you can then tap on individual exercises that work these muscles to see a picture of the exercise. Tap again and you’re presented with detailed text instructions on how to perform it. On more complicated exercises there are also video instructions that you can view.


This feature-packed fitness app means you’ll have no excuse for not sticking to your exercise regime.

We note that this app has now been deleted from the app store. We'll aim to cover an alternative fitness themed app in a future round-up.

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