Atomic Web Browser

Atomic Web Browser

iTunes link: Atomic Web Browser - £0.59

Atomic is one of the better alternative browsers available for the iPhone and iPad as it offers a number of benefits over the native Safari offering. It has an impressive full screen mode that gets rid of most of the navigation clutter to allow you to view more of a given page at any one time. Another neat feature is its tabbed browsing, which makes it faster to swap between open pages.

There’s good integration with Twitter and Facebook and it includes a handy built-in ad blocker too. You can also choose between a large range of search options such as Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and YouTube. We like the way you can increase or decrease the font size used to display pages and there’s a handy lock rotation feature for those using older iPhones.


Atomic Web Browser is a slick alternative to the built-in Safari browser as it offers up a number of really useful features.

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