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Speak it! Text to Speech

Speak it! Text to Speech

iTunes link: Speak it! Text to Speech – £1.19

As the name suggests, Speak It! is an app that lets you enter text into your iPhone and then have the application say it back to you using a number of different voices. You can select between male and female American accents or rather posh sounding male and female British accents instead. You simply select the accent using a roller deck-style menu and then tap in what you want it to say in the box above it.

You can save phrases for use later or save the actual audio that the application creates for the phrases. As well as typing text into the box, you can also cut and paste passages into it that you’ve cut from other applications such as the web browser and email client. The app runs in the background if you have an iPhone that supports multitasking and there are additional voices available from the Speak It! store.


The great quality of Speak It!’s voice synthesis plus its easy to use interface makes it a great choice for text-to-speech on the iPhone.

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