Rhythm Spirit

Rhythm Spirit

iTunes link: Rhythm Spirit – £0.59

Rhythm Spirit may look a little bit like a Street Fighter clone, but in reality it plays much more like rhythm-based music games such as Guitar Hero or Tap Tap Revenge. It features beautifully drawn 2D backgrounds and characters that have a big eastern flavour.

As music plays in the background (mostly drum and bass-style, up-tempo tracks) a series of icons drift on a line towards the centre from the left and right hand sides of the screen. These icons are mapped to touch buttons that you have to tap when the icon reaches the centre point of the line. As you tap, a furious fight scenario plays out in sympathy with the buttons that you’re bashing.


Rhythm Spirit certainly isn’t easy, but the enjoyable music tracks, fun graphics and unique theme make it a fun game for fans of the rhythm genre.

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