Wi-Fi FastConnect

Wi-Fi FastConnect

iTunes link: Wi-Fi FastConnect – Free

FastConnect is an application from Wi-Fi network provider, The Cloud, that’s designed to make it easier for iPhone users to get online using the company’s hotspots. Access to The Cloud’s hotspots are free for iPhone customers on the O2 network, so it’s mainly of interest to O2 users rather than those on other networks.

When you first run the application it installs a profile for your phone’s Wi-Fi so when you come within range of one of The Cloud's hotspots it will automatically logon rather than ask for your details, helping you save a bit of time and effort. The app also includes a mapping feature that shows you the nearest hotspot.


If you’re an O2 iPhone customer, Wi-Fi FastConnect is worth a download as it makes it easier to get online with The Cloud's hotspots.

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