iTunes link: Trainyard – £1.79

The premise behind Trainyard is very straightforward. You’re presented with a bunch of different coloured sheds and your mission is to guide trains from one colour of shed to another. You do this by connecting pieces of track together to link the different sheds to each other. So Trainyard is essentially a puzzle game at heart.

It starts off relatively easy, but before you know it you’re having to create increasingly more complex track configurations to avoid trains crashing into each other. Plus you’ll have to deal with merging different train colours together so when they’re joined they create the right coloured train for a particular shed. It’s certainly not easy on the later levels, but it is maddeningly addictive. If you want to try before you buy you can download the free Trainyard Express version from the App Store.


Trainyard may not be all that graphically advanced, but like many of the best iPhone games it takes a simple concept and creates a great little game around it.

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