Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

iTunes link: Grow Your Own - £Free

Grow Your Own has nothing to do with the Freak Brothers, but instead comes courtesy of The Royal Horticultural Society and aims to provide you with all the knowledge you need to grown your own fruit and veg. The free version covers twenty of the most popular varieties of fruit and veg and helps you decide which ones you should choose to grow based on the amount of time and space you have available.

The app also includes growing tips and a troubleshooting guide should things go pear-shaped – unless, of course, you’re growing pears. By upgrading to the paid-for app, which costs £1.79, you get access to information on an extra 16 plants as well as a few extra features, such as calendar alerts. For beginners, though, the free version is likely to be all they’ll need.


Slickly presented with lots of great information, Grow Your Own is an excellent app for gardeners who are just starting out.

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