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Star Wars: Imperial Academy

Star Wars: Imperial Academy

iTunes link: Star Wars: Imperial Academy - £Free

If you’re a Star Wars fan (and who isn’t?) and also like Eliminate Pro, then Imperial Academy will be right up your street. That’s because this game basically feels like a like a better version of Eliminate Pro that’s set in the Star Wars universe.

There is a single player mode, but this game is really designed from the ground up for online play. When playing online you take part in four-player death matches where you battle it out to gain experience and earn credits that help you progress through the game. Your ultimate aim is to become an Elite Storm Trooper. You can also buy keys via in-app purchases to give you boosts during matches or to unlock new equipment.


The controls can be a bit tricky at first, but Imperial Academy is actually one of the best shooters on the iPhone right now.

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