Rage HD

Rage HD

iTunes link: Rage HD - £1.19

Rage HD largely serves as a teaser for John Carmack’s much anticipated Rage first person shooter that’s coming up for the PC. This game is basically an on rails shooter that includes just three levels and will take you around 45 minutes to play through.

You can think of it as a sort of post apocalyptic version of Time Crisis where you have to blow away various monsters en-route, all while dodging various projectiles that they chuck at you. As you would expect from Carmack, it’s one of the best looking games yet seen on a mobile device with sumptuous, detailed textures and smooth camera movement. And although the 'arcadey' gameplay is a little limited, it’s still hugely fun.


Rage HD doesn’t take that long to complete, but the price reflects this and while it’s short it’s also very, very sweet.

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